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Temporarily on hold

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Use this code when applying for a home loan with Athena and get $250 towards the cost of your loan when it is approved and settled.

We’re on a mission to help 100 people save a combined total of $25,000 on their Athena home loans.

So far 40 people have used this code, saving a combined total of $13,000.

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We get questions…

Temporarily on hold…

Why is your code “on hold”

Our two Athena loans are both for investment properties, and we have decided to sell these properties over the coming months. We intend to buy new properties soon (through Athena) but since that would mean we end up with a new referal code we thought it would be best to stop publishing this code until we get a replacement code.

Temporarily on hold…

I just used your code on my loan application, will I miss out on my bonus?

The code you used will likely still be valid if your loan settles within the next month or so. We are removing the code from this site well ahead of the time when it will become invalid. We don’t want anyone to miss out on their Athena referal bonus.

Temporarily on hold…

I already know your code, can I still use it?

Even though our current code is still valid today, we can’t guarantee it will still be valid when your loan settles. So please don’t use it or you may not get the bonus.

Temporarily on hold…

Will you be back? Is the mission over?

We will be back with a new Athena Refer-a-Mate code once we have a new loan at Athena for a new property. Then we will be back on mission, heading for 100 people saving $25,000.

How does this work?

When you apply for a home loan with Athena, towards the end of the application process you will be asked if you want to enter an “Ultimate$” Refer-a-Mate referral code. You can think of it like a discount code for your Athena home loan.

Provided that the code you enter is valid, your application is successful, and your home loan is settled, you will receive $250 towards the cost of each home loan you applied for on settlement.

You can find details and terms of the Ultimate$ referral program here.

There are lots of sites sharing their Athena code, why should I use yours?

We were the first site to publicly publish our code. We keep a tally of the number of times our code is used right here on the website and we regularly update our Twitter account with new activity.

Also, we have two loans at Athena, so the chance that we will leave Athena is very low.

That all means you can be more certain our code is still active, and you’ll get the bonus you are after when you apply.

Follow up question - I found a different code on a forum, can’t I just use that?

If you do, you’ll have even less assurance that the code you use will still be valid when you apply or when your loan settles.

As we understand it, the code you use in your application has to be valid at the time your loan application is settled to recieve the Ultimates referral bonus.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put a post on Reddit, and with no proof provided by the poster the Ultimate$ codes you find there could be expired or invalid (and you won’t find out until your loan is settled)!

We have proven time and again that our code works, and will get you your Athena Refer-a-Mate bonus, so don’ risk it — use our code ATH-XXXXX.

Who are you?

We’re just a happy current Athena customer who want to help others take advantage of this offer from Athena. We enjoy their simple terms, low (currently zero) fees, commitment to low rates, and focus on supplying a great home loan product.

Besides being a customer, we are not affiliated with Athena in any way.

What’s in it for you?

Every time someone takes advantage of this offer from Athena by using our referral code they recieve $250 towards the cost of their loan on settlement. At the same time, we will recieve the same amount from Athena towards our loan. So using this code will help us both pay off our home loans a little faster.

But I don’t know you – am I actually allowed to use your code?

Yes! Athena are very clear about this in their rules for the Refer-a-Mate program. We can share our code with anyone, any way we want. So congratulations stranger, this is 100% legit.

What if I am applying for more than one loan?

According to Athena, the referral bonus will apply to each loan you apply for provided that you apply for both at the same time. You just can’t be an Athena customer already. So if you are applying for two loans at once, you will get $250 towards each loan – $500 in total.

Does this referral code also work for investment loans and interest-only loans?

Yes. It works for any type of home loan that Athena offer, including investment loans and interest-only loans.

Why doesn’t your mission tracker add up?

Occasionally Athena runs bonus referral offers. Some people have used this code during those periods, so they may have recieved a bigger Ultimate$ bonus and that amount is reflected in our mission tracker. Our key goal is to help 100 new Athena customers, so that is the number we track in the thermometer. We wish we knew more about our referal code users, but for privacy reasons we don’t get much info back from Athena about who uses our code.

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